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 Townie Application

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PostSubject: Townie Application   Sun Feb 01, 2009 1:15 pm

In Game Name:

Nationality/Geographical Location:
Caucasian/ Louisiana USA

Character Level / Manufacturing Skills / Weapon Skill:
94 / none woth mentioning / axe 82

When did u start to play Luminary:
I started "Goonzu" two years ago this month but have been on a hiatus for awhile

Active Times (GMT):
"something" Id say 12 pm to 6 pm my time (sorry Im a dum dum)

List any other characters you play with here, and the towns they reside in if applicable:
Most have all quit or whatever but you guys know me

Were you ever a resident of another town? (If yes, state your reason for leaving) 1st Talatat: left a bad taste in my mouth
2nd Kucha: left cause was tryint to acquire Askaroo with friends
3rd Askaroo: too much drama
4th kucha: followed friends to Xian
5th Xian : failure to login

The Reason Why U Want To Join Aethra:
because of all the ppl left that I know who still p,lay I feel the most comfortable around purp...and wilt even tho I havent had a word with you in eons

I have read all the town's rules and swear to uphold them to the best of my abilities!
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Townie Application
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