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 Aethra Town Rules <-- READ Before you apply for Residence!

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PostSubject: Aethra Town Rules <-- READ Before you apply for Residence!   Tue Jul 29, 2008 12:29 pm

*Aethra Town Rules*
Ammended March 20, 2008

1. Please support our town by using its facilities and services
This is more of a guideline and an act of common courtesy then a rule. However, as a member of Aethra your support of our town facilities creates capital that feeds into town events and the overall growth of the town.

2. Always be Friendly and Respect each other
Frequently causing disruption or being rude to other members in townchat may result in expulsion from town.

3. Townies are expected to help each other
Aethra was built on this principal, help us carry on the tradition!

4. English language is expected in Town Chat
Although labelled as Global GoonZu, this game's universal language is English. This rule is not meant to segregate, but rather make the over all population feel more comfortable.

5. Must be an active player
An Active player is defined by two criteria, 1. You are active in town chat 2. You are active as a player in general. Logging on for Raccoon Events only or not following the two previously mentioned rules may result in expulsion from Aethra.

6. Always reflect Aethra's kindness
Being Aethran is an honor and a privelage! When you are out and about, you are a representative of our town. We expect you to be a good reflection of our ideals and policies. ie: The way you act reflects on us all! If reports of you disrespecting others or breaking game policies arise, it may result in expulsion from Aethra. This is a rule we don't take lightly!

7. No Begging
We dont want beggars in town. This is not only disruptive, but not what we're about. Helping eachother is something we do. Expecting other members in town to do for you, or constantly begging for them to do for you, is something we DON'T do.

8. No spamming in town chat
Spamming is defined buy repeatitive phrases in town chat. Playful spamming is understandable, but disruptive and malicious spamming may result in expulsion from town.

9. Check forum often
Don't say you weren't aware of happenings or goings on if you haven't visited the forums periodically. All information, voting, events, etc... are posted here. Visit often or be left out!

10. Respect your elders
Aethra is a council based town. Our council members and town heads are to be treated with respect at all times. If the Town Chief is not present, authority reverts to them. If you don't like this rule, don't join!

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Aethra Town Rules <-- READ Before you apply for Residence!
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