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 STEP TWO - Resident Application Sample (Copy and Paste to Apply)

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PostSubject: STEP TWO - Resident Application Sample (Copy and Paste to Apply)   Tue Jul 29, 2008 12:42 am

PLEASE READ our TOWN RULES before proceeding with your application.

Please format your resident application, as below :

---------------------------------------Copy and Paste Below----------------------------------------
In Game Name:
<Put Character Name Here>

Nationality/Geographical Location:
Does not need to be a specific location, for example: Chinese/USA

Character Level / Manufacturing Skills / Weapon Skill:

When did u start to play Luminary:

Active Times (PST):

List any other characters you play with here, and the towns they reside in if applicable:

Were you ever a resident of another town? (If yes, state your reason for leaving)

The Reason Why U Want To Join Aethra:
<REPLACE WITH YOUR REPLY> *Note: Be as specific as possible and don't emulate others answers, please be fresh and original here...

I have read all the town's rules and swear to uphold them to the best of my abilities!
Reply Yes or No

---------------------------------------Copy and Paste Above----------------------------------------

Copy and paste the above application into a NEW TOPIC, respond with your answers. Not responding to one or more of these questions will result in automatic refusal. Filling out this application does not mean you have been accepted to Aethra! Your application is for the Town Chief and council to review to consider township.

~Thanks for your interest in Aethra town~


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STEP TWO - Resident Application Sample (Copy and Paste to Apply)
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